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Kelsie Taylor's Motto For Rugby and ROTC: "Why Not?"

Kelsie Taylor's Motto For Rugby and ROTC: "Why Not?"

Guest writer, BreAnn Duce, features BYU Women's Rugby newcomer and ROTC member, Kelsie Taylor, on her journey to trying new things at a new university.
Minnesota Gophers Men's Rugby

Building Lifelong Skills: What College Rugby Taught Me

Whether you have played or never picked up a ball, college rugby is a great sport for anyone to get involved in. Read guest writer Arch Jones' lessons anyone will learn by participating in this sport while studying at a university.
Funny Rugby Picture

10 Rugby Memes to Get You Through the Holidays

Guest writer Gift Egbelu shares some holiday cheer with his favorite rugby memes.
Pontchartrain Beach FC Logo

Flooded Not Forgotten

Written by guest writer Will Mussack, learn more about the origins of New Orleans' original and fictional football club, Pontchartrain Beach FC as it looks to become the next big soccer brand.